Rent vs. Own: What’s The Sweet Spot?

Rent vs. Own x Maison Margiela Short Dress x Graphic Hoodie x Gelareh Mizrahi Thank You Bodega Hologram Iridecent x Valentino Rockstud

Rent vs. Own: where do you draw the fucking line? It can be a frustrating game of pro/con, that’s for sure. In the age of rental subscriptions, we are posed with the question: what’s worth the actual squeeze? It takes a little of you, a little strategy, and some willpower. Here are a few of my most important rules when it comes to deciding what to rent vs. own!

OWN: A Signature/Capsule Item

For me, one of those things is a statement-making hoodie or hoodie dress. An artistic hoodie can dress down an otherwise fancy outfit. For those that have a neutral feel, that might be a favorite cashmere design you own in every color. Either way, you know yourself best. What’s the most worn staple in your closet? Those are always a YES when it comes to your wallet. Ones that should be on your radar:


RENT: Statement Outerwear

I’m all for owning a few carefully selected coats for each season. However, there’s no need for more than two or three of each. At least no owning them, that is. What’s in one minute is out in the next, so tap into an online closet for seasonal statement outerwear pieces! New Yorkers and anyone living in small apartments: this will be a lifesaver for you. I can fit many more staples into my small closet now. My top picks:


OWN: A Statement Bag/Accessory

I’m a firm believer everyone should have something in their closet that they’re just straight-up batshit about. Statement bags allow you to express your best self, as goes a pair of statement shoes. On the other hand, I like to rent my everyday bags, as I don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on them since I can change them out on command. The cost per wear on your statement bag will be even higher because you’ll likely hold onto it for years. Bonus if it’s a luxury investment piece. Which are worth the squeeze? Here are my top picks for multiple price points:


RENT: Date Night Outfits

I’m all for this. Why go into debt when you don’t even know if it’s worth it? Buying date night outfits can often be a last-minute “firing from the hip” situation. Yes, date night clothes should be fresh and ever-changing. However, it doesn’t mean your credit card has to do the heavy lifting for no reason. I haven’t even put a dent into the database of dresses, skirts, or sweaters on Rent The Runway, and I wear it A LOT. Why add to the bulk or risk it on an overpriced “meh” piece you’ll likely wear once? Rental subscriptions can change you as often as you change your dates, no strings attached.


Haven’t pulled the trigger on a subscription service yet? Try it for two months at $100 off with code RTRMANDYG at checkout.

Rent vs. Own x Maison Margiela Short Dress x Graphic Hoodie x Gelareh Mizrahi Thank You Bodega Hologram Iridecent x Valentino Rockstud

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Hologram Thank You Bodega Bag, Gelareh Mizrahi

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