4 Style Predictions for 2020

Style Predictions For 2020 x Sandy Liang Bally Dress x Dr Martens Platform Boots

2020 is looking quite futuristic: while we don’t have hovercraft, we have some other sci-fi inspired trends coming down the pipes of Fashion Week. I can’t believe 2019 is almost over, and furthermore, that we’ll be in a new decade in a few days! While time flew, certain emerging trends made a reoccurring appearance across the internet and in real life. A year ago, some of this year’s most popular trends were in the same boat. Merging my love for data and fashion last year was so incredibly fun, and you thought so too! The predictions series were the most viewed and studied by you as readers. I bring you this year’s edit, the gateway into the new decade. The aesthetics below will be hints for what’s to come on the style front over the next 10 years: welcome to this year’s style predictions for 2020:


It’s jumped off the clothing racks and into our life aesthetic, and obviously, I’m totally here for it. Ever since I was old enough to know what a lava lamp was, I wanted one. So badly too, it literally annoyed the sh*t out of my parents because it was so out there at the time. While there’s no lava lamp in my modern-day apartment, I kept its remnants as a mood two years ago with the purchase of my dream neon sign. Below are options for those that want to go all-in as well as those who only want to test the water:


Tomboy Chic

There’s nothing I’m more excited about than seeing this trend begin to peek out in the spotlight. As a style I’ve sported since I was allowed to start picking my own clothes, it’s not the easiest to understand. A misunderstood style, if you will: often mistaken for sloppy, it’s more about classic with a comfortable twist. For me, it was that I gravitated toward the pieces that were easy to wear, and just as elevated. 2020 will bring just that: elevated androgenous basics for every dress code.


Oversized Suiting

It’s been a major thing for years in New York, but you can bet your bottom dollar this trend will show up on the girl in your local coffee shop next year. It might even have happened already! It makes me so happy to see the comfortably chic trend taking flight, it’s not only easy to wear, it’s confidence-boosting too! Some are accessible via Rent The Runway.


Chunky Shoes

The dad sneakers were your fair warning: oversized shoes are back in full swing, and they’re not stopping at sneakers. 2020 will likely be cooking up a ’90s revival storm: I took the Delia’s relaunch a while back as a sign! Love it or hate it, you’ll likely find yourself on some retailer’s page in the near future considering a pair of chunky heels, boots, or sneakers. When that happens, I’ll bet you’ll think of this paragraph.


Got questions on how to master or try these style predictions for 2020 with your own personal style twist? Tell me in the comments below! To get ready for next week’s edition on beauty predictions for 2020, check out last year’s post.

Style Predictions For 2020 x Sandy Liang Bally Dress x Dr Martens Platform Boots

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