Predictions For 2019: Beauty Edition

2019 Beauty Trend Predictions x shelfie

Wow guys! I can’t express how excited I am to release part two of THE most read article on the blog by you to date: Predictions for 2019. This week, it’s same, same, but different: beauty trends you’re going to see take over the market this year. Testing and reading about beauty practices and products is one of my favorite things to do on my free time as an introvert. Give me an arsenal of masks, serums, and tools, and I’m a happy girl. Who else can relate? Without further ado, I give you a peek into the future of beauty.


Before you freak out, hear me out: I’m not talking ingesting weed recreationally. I fully believe the stigma of weed is on it’s way out, especially with the recent advances of pure supplements that include CBD for stress, etc. What does that mean on the beauty front? Get ready to see ALL sorts of products that use the healing properties of cannabis to give you clearer skin. My fave products include:


Clean Beauty

We are mindful of what we put into our diets and workouts, and the same should be done for what we put on our bodies. This is paramount, especially given the increased sensitivities we’ve all experienced as the world progresses. Beauty should be no different. I’ve seen a major improvement in my skin by using certain clean beauty products, from skincare to makeup. My top picks that are going to be HUGE this year are:


Sheet Masks (DRY/Wet)

Sheet masks have made a major splash this year, and the trend of easy to use/travel with masks are going to peak in 2019. What’s better, if you’re traveling, DRY sheet masks are going to be your new best friend. I pop these babies on while in the car, and it’s a great way to get a boost on your selfie or hydration without the mess. I still use wet sheet masks on flights, and it’s made a HUGE difference in my appearance while traveling for events like Fashion Week when I’m pulling long hours in makeup.


At Home Med Spa Treatments

THIS. I spent the better half of 2018 picking up new devices that mimic more costly in-spa treatments. Namely, Beauty Bio’s GloPro for micro-needling, and Dr. Dennis Gross’ light therapy devices. I’ve saved almost 70% on my yearly med spa budget due to the fact that I can get nearly the same result with home devices. This is a major cost benefit for you: spend more on a single device, and save thousands in the future by cutting your med spa visits in half!


Stem Cell Therapy

Once a very controversial subject, products using stem cells are now turning out to be a very revolutionary boost to your beauty routine. I first started hearing about stem cell sheet masks a year ago. I’m obsessed with my mask by Peter Thomas Roth, featured in the lineup below. Stem cells allow for a speedy result when it comes to hydration, skin-rebuilding, and really anything! Think of it like an IV for your face.


Color Changing Lipstick

Welcome back the 90’s y’all! Mood lipsticks are taking a whole new turn these days, and it’s not gross looking. I tried a couple of these a few years back thanks to my mother, who found the Lipstick Queen one on QVC years ago. It’s a great way to add natural color to your lips! I’ve used the Dior and Winky Lux ones daily for years in lieu of a full blown lipstick. I expect a full on mainstream explosion of these products this year, along with their sister blush products, etc!


2019 Beauty Trend Predictions x shelfie2019 Beauty Trend Predictions x shelfie2019 Beauty Trend Predictions x shelfie

My Current Lineup at Home

Green Releaf Calming Face Oil, c/o Peter Thomas Roth
Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream, c/o Charlotte Tilbury

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