August’s Best Sellers

August's Bestsellers

As summer sprints to a close, lots of evergreen essentials were on your mind, and put in your cart! I don’t blame you: cozy favorites you can rock year-round while working from home are always a great investment. The real crown jewel of the month? Designer-inspired fashion AND beauty. Yep: you heard it right…makeup that’s a dead ringer for an expensive fan-favorite…find it along with the rest of August’s best sellers below!

August’s Best Sellers

I’m all about making great designer purchases…when the trend is somewhat timeless. For more trendy styles, it’s often best to find a similar look for less, and not lose money when parting with it on consignment. I won’t stop talking about the Bottega sandal lookalikes, because they are so SPOT ON. The luxury shoe section at Nordstrom even complimented me on them because they thought they were the real thing. It doesn’t stop there: I rave about this Rimmel blush because it’s the exact shade of the wildly popular NARS Orgasm blush. If shelling out $35 for a blush isn’t your style, grab its $5 twin instead.


That round’s out this month’s best sellers! Which one did you snag this month? Let me know in the comments below, or tag me on social media! Looking for more? Find all past month’s roundups on the best sellers tab.


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