Fall’s Best Sellers

Fall's Best Sellers

2020 is almost over, and I couldn’t be more fucking PUMPED about it. It really put our shopping habits into perspective and made us really take a look at what’s truly important, and what’s not. Less is more, and I love to see that you agree! Fall’s best sellers were a combo of worthy investments and affordable daily use items! I feel you too on the blazers: when you make the investment on a great fit and fabric, it’s hard not to reach for them year after year. I’ve rounded up both types based on your purchases over the past month or so below!

Fall’s Best Sellers: Investments

Keep your purchases simple and classic, and you’ll reach for them year after year. This particular vegan leather blazer pictured in this post has joined the ranks of my other clothing items that I reach for almost daily. It’s going to have a very long life in my current wardrobe. It wasn’t the only favorite either: skincare was a front runner this season! Check out the other top sellers below.


Fall’s Best Sellers: Affordable Favorites

‘Tis the season for Sephora hauls! My affordable skincare picks were a landslide favorite this season. Skincare doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg: the following products are ones that pack a punch in results without beating your wallet to a pulp. Peep the full front runner list below!


Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments. Check out the rest of my best seller roundups here! I do one for every season, and many of them have favorites that are perfect year-round.


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