January’s Best Sellers

January's Best Sellers

You started off this year strong on practical upgrades and daily essentials! Skincare came out on top among January’s best sellers! I can’t say I blame you…These products have become daily staples in my routine, and some have become fast favorites (cough- sustainable picks). Catch the full list of your monthly favorites below!

January’s Best Sellers

This month had a mix of high and low-priced picks on the beauty front. Have you been on the fence to upgrade your pillowcase? I get it. It honestly took me a few months to make the switch from a basic satin pillowcase to a quality silk one. However, the difference it made when I started bleaching my hair made all the difference. The same goes for quality collagen. I’m pretty picky when it comes to my supplements: popular brands aren’t always the best pick. You guys jumped on board again this month, making my favorite HSN collagen your number one purchase! That’s hardly it: catch the rest of the list below.


That’s a wrap on January’s best sellers! What pick are you eyeing the most? Let me know in the comments.  Check back in a month for an updated list. Until then, check out past best sellers here!


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