5 Beauty Predictions For 2021

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The numbers never lie…analyzing the data is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world because of just that. I’m back with another round of predictions for 2021! As expected from last year’s predictions, we saw a jump in blue light skincare during the WFH shift this past year. The mainstream media even reported it as a trend for 2021! You’ll always hear it here first… Make sure to subscribe to my email list to get info like this straight to your inbox to stay ahead of the trends!

Beauty Predictions for 2021

Skincare as Makeup

This has been snowballing for a bit, but really hit its stride mid-2020. With Glossier as the pioneer, many new brands have followed suit on makeup that’s good to your skin. Think active ingredient infused foundations, higher SPF makeup, and so much more. My list of top picks to keep your eye on is below!


Neck Skincare

If you know, you KNOW. In my 30yr+ circle of friends, the thing I hear most is “I wish I started caring about my neck earlier.” I’m so thankful my mom started me on this young. Between SPF daily on the face and neck and neck cream, I’ve avoided the horror of wrinkles on Zoom. Guilty of only putting SPF on your face? I hear ya. Here’s what you need to know. Since your neck doesn’t produce as much oil as the face, you need moisturizing agents. Look for products with hyaluronic acid, humectants, and thick creams/butters. Ideally, you should consider adding one to your routine in your mid-twenties. Before that, SPF will suffice. Also, consider adding blue light protection to your products.


Sustainable Smart Beauty

This is another one of the beauty predictions for 2021 that’s been called this year as one to watch, which I felt early last year! Gone are the days of having to choose between good for you and good for the environment beauty products. One of my all-time faves, Livana (pictured here) is paving the way on keeping you hydrated, and makeup intact with smart bottles that leave no metal aftertaste/stay cold for 24hrs and temperature controlled makeup bags. Take 20% off with UNOFFICIAL at checkout on all their items! That’s hardly it though. The following products and brands are ones you’ll want to keep on your radar as the new year unfolds.


At-Home Laser/Therapy Treatments

They’re hardly a replacement for in-clinic treatments, however, convenience will be key in 2021. I personally find them helpful in skincare budgeting. If you haven’t quite made enough money to afford monthly treatments, it’s a great way to get started on preventing breakouts/smoothing skin/getting rid of hair. My LED light therapy and micro-needling tools saved my skin when the lockdowns hit last March. I consider it in between appointment maintenance. My favorite safe tool recommendations are linked below.


Chemical Peels

Nope, the peels of 2021 will not leave you looking like a burn victim. In fact, you don’t even need to go into a med spa to get a quality one done. With the rise of medical-grade peels hitting the shelves, it’s something you can do right at home. We have TikTok to thank for finally getting the world away from poor quality physical exfoliators! Not all are bad, but definitely skip the drug store options on these products. This is a product you absolutely should not skimp on. I’ve also included affordable ones that are safe to use.


That rounds out my beauty predictions for 2021! Stay tuned for next week’s fashion predictions for 2021! Until then, check out last year’s predictions.

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