6 Beauty Predictions for 2020

6 Beauty Predictions for 2020 x Eterno LED x Blue Light Blocking x Neon Makeup x Fenty Beauty x Glossier

Is GLOW UP a 2020 resolution? If so, looking into last year’s whisperings on the beauty front will tell you what you’ll need moving forward. 2019 was a year of reimagining and disruption of standard beauty practices and the tools we use to garner results. What exactly does it mean for trends in the New Year? Out of all buzzworthy possibilities, these top 6 beauty predictions for 2020 are my picks for what will really hit hard!

Beauty Predictions for 2020
At Home Medspa Tools

Sure, I’ve talked about it before here, and it’s been buzzing over the interwebs for a while too. Expect that 2020 will be the year of at-home treatment tools becoming the new normal, just like the beauty fridge was last year. This isn’t to say it’s the end of the medspa! In fact, it makes both ours and their roles even stronger. What could you do with an extra $100 back in your pocket, and a smarter plan for optimizing your medspa visits? If you’re not sure where to start, I’d recommend talking to your current esthetician to see which products below would fit best in your personal regimen. It’s how I decided to go with LED light therapy first. If you already know, what are you waiting for?


Neon/Blue Eye Makeup

Sorry, no-makeup makeup lovers, 2020 will be full of colorful alternatives! It’s had a serious ’60s style comeback in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar over the past few years, and 2020 will be its debut in mainstream fashion trends. Even Glossier has pivoted into its own wildly popular colorful line, Play. Still afraid to try a color for yourself because you’re not a MUA? Start with an easy to build liner. It’s idiot-proof: I can apply mine drunk most likely, it’s so damn easy.


Bling on Bling

While you don’t have to take on my Cardi B level of extra, expect to start feeling more comfortable adding bling to your makeup, nails, and even hair. Let the futuristic style vibes get out and walk around: Euphoria springboarded this trend back into the mainstream! Get glowin’ baby, it’s not my ’90s Candy Glitter anymore.



This isn’t just a buzzword for new startup independent brands anymore. I’ve started to try makeup wipes that are completely biodegradable, and even skincare brands that are as effective as they are sustainable. Some of my top picks I’ve used myself and others with kickass reviews are below:


Custom Products

Did you know you can build your own scents, makeup shades, and more? In New York, it’s a reality. I built my own custom fragrance last year, and it oddly gets more compliments than my signature Chloe scent I’ve worn for years. Keep this post bookmarked to refer back to next time you’re in New York, the video below walks through some of the best places in the city to get customizing, or check these shoppable options:


Blue Light Protection

It ain’t just glasses anymore, peeps! Products have been popping up across the beauty industry, geared to protecting our skin alongside our eyes. The vast majority of glasses have also been pretty underwhelming aesthetic-wise until recently. I love that my blue light glasses actually fit my personality. There are a ton more cute styles that won’t kill your outfit’s vibe, shown below, alongside some of the top-rated products for skin:


6 Beauty Predictions for 2020 x Eterno LED x Blue Light Blocking x Neon Makeup x Fenty Beauty x Glossier 6 Beauty Predictions for 2020 x Eterno LED x Blue Light Blocking x Neon Makeup x Fenty Beauty x Glossier

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