4 Style Predictions For 2021

Style Predictions for 2021

Question: who’s sick of the oversized blazer trend? I’m not, I’ll admit… As expected, nearly every prediction last year made its way into the spotlight in 2020, especially the rise of neon through tie-dye designs. Not to mention, tie-dye was right on cue from my 2019 predictions! Fun fact: high fashion is almost always 2 years ahead of the mainstream trend wave. The good news? You can hold off on tie-dye and neon this year but snowball the oversized clothing trend. Comfortable, utilitarian outfits aren’t going anywhere. The following trends are my top 4 style predictions for 2021, along with high fashion/mainstream pieces you can start rocking right now!


This is not your brother’s 90’s cargo pants. Kind of, anyway. As a spin-off of last year’s oversized clothing trend, this year takes a more tailored utilitarian approach. Consider this the Yeezy look taking over the mainstream. The same goes for the drab colorways and creatively designed combat boots. Pull out your favorite neutral trench coats and add some chunky accessories to give it a 2021 makeover.


Knit Sets

We have athleisure to blame for this one, and I’m actually super thankful. Loungewear isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but it IS getting a classy makeover. Investing in quality cashmere knits will be well worth your while this year. The best part? A good knit never goes out of style. It’s why I rave about Carbon 38’s knits so much. They’re classic, long-lasting, and most importantly comfortable. I’ve linked all my favorite high and low-priced pieces below!


Puffy Everything

When Chanel released the Cocoon pillow bag a couple of years ago, I had a feeling this would be something that trickled far beyond the bag department. This year with Bottega Venetta taking over with their updated structured pillow bag and shoes, it sparked a wave of new designs down the pipe from ready to wear. Louis Vuitton even jumped on board.


Early 2000’s Details

Before your stomach pulls a 360, hear me out. I’m not talking about painfully low rise jeans or anything else Paris Hilton wore back then. Think smaller hints: tie details on tops, chunky shoes (right on cue from 2019’s predictions), and baker boy/bucket hats. Some of my favorite more timeless picks to help you master this upcoming trend are below!


Which style predictions for 2021 are you thinking about rocking first? Let me know in the comments! Until next year…

Style Predictions for 2021 Style Predictions for 2021Style Predictions for 2021

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  1. January 6, 2021 / 7:29 pm

    I can’t believe how spot on you were! These are good predictions! I’m thinking I may give the bucket hat one a try!

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