2020’s Top Beauty Picks

2020's Top Beauty Picks

2020 is coming to a close…we made it! Almost in one piece, for the most part. 2020’s top beauty picks…It’s always a tough job for me to pare down the best beauty products of the year across my own use/research and data points on the rest of the world. What’s most exciting is seeing how my predictions weighed out from the year prior… At home medspa tools, sustainable beauty, bright/sparkly makeup busted out of the gates as lockdown began. Did you learn a new makeup trick this year too? I know I certainly got better at painting my own nails real quick. This year’s top beauty picks are full of worthy investments and new affordable finds that help reduce waste in your beauty routine!

2020’s Top Beauty Picks


Devices are the future of at home beauty: it’s always good to have certain tools within reach. Pandemic or not, it’s a great way to gain control of your skincare spending. A few of the following tools below have helped me stretch time between Botox appointments, facials, and professional peels. Whether you’re on a budget or unable to see your trusted esthetician due to travel/stay at home orders, it’s an ace in the hole. That’s hardly it though: peep the full list below!



Hair tools got a serious glow up this year! Whether it’s easier ways to style/curl your hair or products customized to your exact needs, it blew up in 2020. The ones below are worthy investments for you if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current setup.



2020 allowed us to experiment more with new trends with all our newfound free time! I know I got better at laying glitter shadow for my at-home photoshoots. However, the real gem of 2020 makeup was the blow up of eco-friendly and non-toxic makeup! The ones below are ones you won’t regret picking up for the first time. In fact, they may become your next holy grail staple.


Additionally: Livana WON the beauty industry this year with their science forward waterbottle and temperature-controlled makeup bags. You can take 20% off their site with code UNOFFICIAL. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for my annual beauty and fashion predictions for the upcoming year! The accuracy is wild: I love crunching the numbers for you to help you see the future before it happens. Never miss a post by signing up for my email list for new blog posts!


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