Liner Notes: Son Jung Wan & Gwen Stefani

Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani

Son Jung Wan and Gwen Stefani, folks! It’s finally here. Confession: I’ve been sitting on this second editorial for months. I’m sure Alix will tell you: like WHERE DID THESE PICS GO. Don’t worry, they’re here! But…why the wait? This Son Jung Wan set is this season’s collection, since you’ll be seeing summer collections next week at NYFW, I felt fall needed its moment. It’s the “Tuesday” post-Labor Day weekend. If that ain’t Tragic Kingdom, I don’t know what is.

Son Jung Wan: Behind The Pull

When looking at the collection during NYFW, I was immediately drawn to this one, and thought, “this is SO Gwen.” The full look included the sequin skirt on top of the pants. All I could think of was her jumpsuit, but BETTER. I could so see her on the cover of Vogue in this wrap jacket. I mean, come ON: let the whole look live its best life in a front-page foldout. In all seriousness: I’m always moved by the elegantly fashion-forward notes in each Son Jung Wan collection. From afar, it greets you with timeless shapes. Yet, up close, you’ll see little edgy details unfold in the most ethereal way. It’s because of this that Son Jung Wan and Gwen Stefani make such a compelling pair. Needless to say, some classy Docs were in order for footwear. Same goes for some edgy yet glamorous accessories: Ragen Jewels was an obvious choice. I wanted the environment to reflect a modern take on the original album cover: wide open space with a playful yet melancholy emptiness. The Vessel at Hudson Yards gives a more futuristic nod to the wilting tree on the original album cover.

Gwen Stefani: Behind My Fashion Journey

So here’s the scoop on Gwen. I was ten years old when the album Tragic Kingdom was released. It was also the first CD I’d ever wanted to buy on my own. If you’re a punk/ska lover too, you know there wasn’t much on the frontwoman scene back then. You’ll also know ska was not traditional fashion either. Enter the release of Tragic Kingdom: edge juxtapositioned with glamour was in. This was also around the age I was able to define my own personal style and lean into what inspired me. I loved how she pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion, and it inspired me to do the same in my own way. It was breathtaking to watch someone truly live life with such ownership of one’s unique style. It’s no surprise she takes so much inspiration from Harajuku. That’s a level of art I can’t wait to experience. We should always ask ourselves, what fashion truly moves us? Especially if it’s a secret aspiration. Let it peek out, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel inside.

Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani Son Jung Wan AW19 x Gwen Stefani

Outfit Details

Wrap Jacket and Pants, pulled from Son Jung Wan AW19 collection

Hoop Earrings, c/o Ragen Jewels

Trevonna Boots, Dr. Martens

Makeup Details


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