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This past week has been pleasantly bearable considering that I have been trying to cut back on the baked goods assortment and endless amounts of amazing entree options. But I did it! A WHOLE WEEK without a cronut. WHOLE. Not even a “I’m going to cut a quarter of it out and just sneak that one bite” incident. Yeah, I do that. I’m the phantom cronut dissector. I’m really only kidding myself, as the other 3 quarters end up being cut off throughout the day and stuffed in my mouth. I should really just own it and take the whole thing. However, that’s opposite the point. NO.MORE.

Kale SaladBrusselsCurry 

My progression over the week, starting off with one of my homemade simple favorites, my Southwestern Ranch Kale Salad:

5 cups of fresh cut kale, stems removed

1 avocado, cut in half and cubed

2 Tbsp yellow onions

A dash of sea salt

Tessemae’s Southwestern Ranch Dressing (Paleo!!)

If you haven’t tried Tessemaes, public service announcement: BOMB.COM, guys. It’s paleo, and doesn’t even taste like it! I put it on literally everything. Meat, salads, you name it. Miracle sauce. Do it. I recently discovered that Safeway (good ole Dateway- if you are a fellow 94123-er you’ll know what I’m talking about) carries it now! My life is now complete, and I don’t even need to leave the Marina to buy it. Laziness factor: WIN.

I was also a good girl at work last week, and this week (granted it’s only Monday but hey, #tinywin y’all). Our kitchen makes some seriously amazing Brussels sprouts, and I am taking full advantage. That coupled with that day’s salad of the day: Live Butter Lettuce and avocado salad with pine nuts, and dill infused egg salad, I felt pretty good. Lowering my portion size to what it should be for a paleo diet is rough, but with all the good proteins and fat in this meal I felt just fine. These things are something that are really easy to fix up too, so those of you at home, get cooking! There’s not a lot of ingredients and the prep is really simple, so it’s perfect for those of us with little spare time in the evenings.

Today’s lunch was alright, a simple grilled chicken salad and a tiny portion of green curry (and my usual serving of egg salad, yes, I am addicted).

Another thing I am pleased about: my dedication to workouts!


I mixed it up with my cardio this week, adding in tempo runs, a long run, and also threw in weights 3 times this week. There’s no better way to distract yourself on a long run like running across the Golden Gate! It was a beautiful sunset run, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture on my way back across into the city. I also gave myself a second dose of Lyon Street steps on Saturday, and powered through 10 rounds with a friend. Nothing holds you accountable better than working out with someone else. Because honestly… Who wants to be judged publicly? Nope.


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