Neon Signs Under $150

Neon Signs Under $150

It’s no secret I love a good neon sign to level up a room! I pulled the trigger a couple of years back on a neon sign I’d been eyeing for awhile, and am so glad I did. It’s been a vibe game changer for my home space. I went with one that wrote some of my favorite lyrics in lights: “It was all a dream!” The obvious bummer though? They can be extremely pricy, especially if you want something custom. The good news? There’s a ton of aesthetic as FUCK options under $150, including a customizable option! These neon signs under $150 are a great way to get the vibe without the price tag.

Neon Signs Under $150

Level up your wall, tables, desks, and anywhere you want a fun glow with these punchy neon signs! They’re not big enough to take over the whole room, so it’s not as big of a commitment long term. Upping your vibe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Ever.

Check back week to week for more neon roundups among others! Moving forward, I’ll be adding one roundup post per week across all the major categories: beauty/skincare, fashion, home decor, and lifestyle. Having trouble finding options for something that falls in those categories? Leave me a comment below, I love doing the work for you!

Neon Signs Under $150

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