Playlists For All Your Quarantine Moods

Playlists For All Your Quarantine Moods x Stine Goya Will Dress

If I’m being completely honest, music has been the cornerstone of my sanity over the past month. I’m willing to bet for many of you, that’s likely been the same. From much needed slow downs to amped up evenings to keep the mood light, a good playlist can really pull everything together. Welcome to your next set of playlists for all your quarantine moods!

Playlists For All Your Quarantine Moods

So much goes on in a day, in a week! So many different vibes: some high, some low. Music can be the catalyst to pull us out a funk, or up into something more exciting. I’ve really dove deep into old favorites and new finds I haven’t had time to get around to in my day to day hustle and bustle, and honestly, it’s been pretty therapeutic.

2020 BOP CuLtUre

While the start to 2020 in the real world has been anything but fabulous, the music released this year gives us hope for a brighter and more joyful future! You’ll find current songs you can’t stop singing in the shower, and new releases that are bound to become fast favorites as the months progress. I had this on while taking these self portraits over the weekend!



One of the things I miss most about pre-quarantine is the quiet energy of a classic Manhattan speakeasy. Amping up for a Zoom happy hour with friends? Welcome to your effortlessly cool yet classic mood setter. Grab your favorite cocktail and curl up for some virtual fun! The same goes for that after work solo sipping. I’ve been using this playlist while I write, and it gets the creative juices flowing!



Take that deep breath. Settle into that book your reading. Pop some CBD or fire up that joint. Choose your own adventure, it’s all smooth sailing from here. This playlist will help you unwind after a long day of working at home or taking care of the family. Bonus if you take it in the shower/bath with you for a nice relaxing winddown! Bring your own wine.


Get Sh*t DONE

This playlist is designed to get your head in the game if while you crank out some work. It’s even easier to get distracted by singing along to your favorite songs *cough, 2020 BOP CuLtUrE* while working from home. Throw this on to boost your mood while keeping your brain focused on the task in front of you!

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