March’s Best Sellers

March's Best Sellers

Ugh…What a month March was. Looking back, life as we know it has changed completely. I don’t think any of us will take the small things for granted anymore. It has made certain personal shifts even more important for me: taking account of what’s truly important in life, and how I can build a life that’s strong enough to weather the lows of our future. It’s been a tumultuous month for me personally: helping the industry I support in tech fight to survive, the thought of potentially not getting to see my grandmother again, and what the future means for all of us moving forward. While the days are hard, with each week that passes, new clarity arises. March’s best sellers seemed to fit just that: simple edits that make moving forward a little easier.

March’s Best Sellers

This month’s best sellers ran across several categories: fashion, beauty, and home. Experimenting with work-appropriate athleisure and decluttering home edits took the cake though! These highlights from this month’s posts are just that: a mix of my personal favorites and new finds you also found useful.


That’s a wrap on March’s best sellers! For other posts on top-selling products, hit up the best sellers category for posts here, and all of the best sellers off my Instagram here.


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