Quarantine Loungewear That Will Level Up Your Look

Khaite Jenny Top x Carbon38 Takara Bike Shorts x New York Beauty Guide x Glossier Sandals

Most definitely not in actual pants on Zoom… Well, that came in handy: athleisure that is. As quarantine loungewear takes over our lives, pants check: I haven’t put on actual pants in god knows how long at this point…and I’ll admit, it can start to feel like vertigo at this point! Anyone else? As you sit at home, clad in your favorite sweat set or leggings, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Stretchy clothes are the absolute living shit! Looking back on this shoot really brought out all the feels: the incredible energy in the city as summer bridges fall, and the hustle and bustle of the streets. I miss these little moments, and it’s eye-opening how quickly things can change. It puts everything we do in perspective.

Athleisure has always helped me live more in those little moments: really take it all in. Over the years, I’ve become a full-blown connoisseur of spandex: they’ve gotta be just…right. Ya feelin’ me? Legit socially acceptable for the majority of gatherings right. It was an instant love affair back in the day in the birth of luxury activewear: it’s made a whole new movement of transitional wear and ultimately, sustainability. Not to mention it just pulls an otherize PJ-esque outfit together. This curation of quarantine loungewear will instantly transform how you feel: a positivity boost we can all use right now! Even better than that, they’ll weather the test of time style-wise and wear-wise, which will set you up for success moving forward in building your closet.

Quarantine Loungewear Staples

Here’s the key: you don’t need to grab everything all at once. It’s all about building it up smartly for your biggest needs. Why? Many of these pieces are investments and are timeless enough to grow with your wardrobe. This leads to less overall stress around clutter. Have you been looking for a cozy pullover/sweater that’s bomb for brunch and post-workout? A streetworthy pair of leggings when pants are too much for you? Gang’s all here.


Sure, many of these are an investment, but the proof’s in the longevity. Cue wash and wear suiting, material that won’t wear down due to continued use (sweats, I’m talking to you), the works. It’s also good to have a nice designer tee in the rotation to help you feel pulled together if you need it! These types of clothing have been the one’s I’ve leaned on the hardest while quarantined.



This is where you can really let it slide and keep it chill because…who’s watching your lower bod anyway? From Zoom appropriate attire to FaceTime happy hours or dates, you’ll be set up for success! It’s just slightly extra enough to bridge the quarantine mode filter into dressing like you’ve actually put on real pants. It’s a real mood these days, am I right? These ones below are a quarantine loungewear must.



Never underestimate the power of a classy as fuck sneaker. The same goes for quality slippers that feel like house shoes, but are totally appropriate IRL after this shit is over. It can change your look in an instant, and it can be a great way to relax a bit at home. Especially if you rock the heels day in and day out on the job. Fellow finance/tech/exec peeps, I’m lookin’ at you. Kick the Loubs to the curb for a second and swap ’em with a pair of these slippers below!



This is why I fell in love with technical minimalism years ago! Like seriously, how the fuck was I living before? You don’t have to be uncomfortable or sweating your fucking brains out in a suit anymore. The ones below are updated ones of the Carbon38 blazer I literally machine wash and wear, and a few of my new/old favorites! You’ll also see a few of my longtime favorite blouses: you’ll legit want to toss your collared shirts forever after wearing them for a day! There are even some pieces that work more casually or for date night. Repurpose that shit, fam! Oh, and fuck dry cleaning. You’re welcome.


Now stand strong: we’ve got this! If you stay inside. Wear your favorite stretchy pants, scoop some new ones if the mood/productivity level needs a boost, and remain hopeful. This too shall pass. Ready to tackle organization? Check my tips on that here.

Khaite Jenny Top x Carbon38 Takara Bike Shorts x New York Beauty Guide x Glossier Sandals

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