Playlists To Heal Your 2020

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Not exactly the summer we all had in mind, but we’re here…so let’s get through it, one song at a time! Together. In hard times, I always fall back on music. It releases me from the grips of daytime woes and recenters me in the direction I’m headed in. When nothing is certain, or if a bad day comes along, take a moment to recenter, and then lean in. Playlists to heal your 2020: these playlists will help you heal, no matter where you are right now. Whether it’s finding your groove again, or celebrating a good day amid a bad week, they’re here for you to take action within yourself.

Playlists To Heal Your 2020
GeT UP 10

Titled after the ultimate anthem of strong bitches everywhere: let this be your hand up. Amid the pain, uncertainty, and self-doubt, who you are still exists deep inside. It’s up to you to believe in yourself enough to take action to let that version shine. This playlist has your back!


If you extrapolate off of Lizzo’s good ass musical energy, you’ll understand the vibe of this playlist instantly. It’s perfect for keeping motivation high while doing chores, working out, or taking a personal day. Turn it on: have a dance party, belt out the lyrics. Have fucking FUN.



CATEGORY IS: a tribute to the beauty and strength of our LGBTQ community and their heroes that paved the way for their freedoms today. What makes America so special is the diversity that exists through freedom of expression and living. This playlist is full of artists within the community and those that stand with them. No matter your personal style, you have something special to share with the world around you. Turn this on at the end of a fun small social gathering, or at the beginning of the day for a confidence boost! You ARE beautiful, and you matter. Never let the world tell you who you are supposed to be.

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Sequin Tom Ford Jersey Dress Amazon x Spotify Playlists Sequin Tom Ford Jersey Dress Amazon x Spotify Playlists

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