10 Science Forward Summer Beauty Products Guaranteed To Change Your Life

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Science forward summer beauty: if you’ve been a longtime reader round these parts, you know my deal. Beauty products aren’t always created equal; I put the majority of my trust in clinical brands when it comes to skincare, vice a sexy marketing ploy. That said, this summer has been weird. While rearranging my beauty cabinet a few weeks ago to move my summer products to the forefront, it was impossible to not reminisce for a second. By this time, my summer beauty bag would be in full swing: on a beach, a weekend escape with friends, something outdoors. While the mileage of my newest science forward additions is somewhat low, the impression they’ve made on me has been surprisingly high. Sitting here on my fire escape on a perfect New York summer day, sunscreen applied, I look forward to how much better summers will be with these secret weapons in tow. From sweaty short runs, blading through the parks, or humid rooftop self-portrait sessions, the verdict is in. Science has won the beauty industry this summer.


This year, I have ALL NEW front runners in my summer beauty products bag. But first…Let’s break it down to basics first. Sunscreen: you can’t log on to social media without seeing something related to its importance. But what’s the deal when it comes to picking a type? Chemical vs. physical: is one better than the other? Depending on your skin type and personal preferences, yes. Simply put: chemical sunscreens absorb into your skin, and physical ones sit on top of it to block rays. If you’re on the more sensitive side, opt for a physical sunscreen. Generally, physical sunscreens don’t play well with makeup, so sample a few to use with your current products before committing to a full bottle. If you’re more active/like the water, a chemical one will be more effective since it absorbs into the skin. I personally love the Instant Radiance tinted physical sunscreen under a light touch of foundation for a more full coverage look on non-active days. It doesn’t streak when paired with a water-based foundation. The following products are my current lineup for the summer!



Simply put? GOAT. These accessories do it all: temperature control your fancy makeup, save the planet (yes, really), and make you look good while doing it.

Livana Silk Slip Hydration Bottle

The Maserati of waterbottles exists. What it packs in in style is only the tip of the iceberg though. Check it: ya know that shitty metal taste you get with every other metal bottle on the market? Not here, fam. Here’s the scoop: government regulations usually require metal bottles to be dipped in water full of chemicals. It removes the impurities from the metal, but leaves behind contaminated water, even though it’s good for safety. It’s where the shitty taste comes from. The Silk Slip technology eliminates that water contamination completely. So much so, you can literally leave water in it overnight and drink it the next day and notice NOTHING. Like Kristen Wiig “SHIT THAT’S FRESH” in Bridesmaids fresh. It’s addicting. I drink just over my daily dose of water as a result. That’s not even really a discipline of mine for reference. I used to struggle. A LOT.

More importantly, it’s truly sustainable. Not just one portion of the process, but the whole thing. It’s 100% recyclable too. A few other pointers: you can add carbonated beverages or hot ones, but make sure to leave enough space in the bottle due to the pressure from steam/carbonation, otherwise it can leak. It fits a White Claw, FYI.

The Minimalist PerfectTemp Leather Cosmetic Case

Science has legit WON the beauty industry with this cosmetic case. Get ready to nerd OUT: inspired by NASA technology, it temperature controls your favorite summer beauty products while out in the sun or in a hot car. No need to recharge it or even turn it on, it uses solar energy to do so! Once it reaches 75 degrees outdoors, it will kick in. The walls of the bag are packed full of super-insulating materials and renewable energy that stores and releases large amounts of energy. It recharges when it’s brought back into air conditioning under 75 degrees. While the summer adventures I had planned for it didn’t happen this year, it did save my expensive lipstick from melting on the roof in 90-degree heat when these photos were taken. Not a single bit of sweating inside the lipstick cap happened after 3 hours! It also travels friendly: no need to check a bag to carry it. If packed strategically, you can fit 3 lipsticks, a nail polish bottle, and an eye pencil or mascara. It also comes in a larger size too if you need more space.

All items are currently on sale too, and my code UNOFFICIAL still applies for an extra 20% off. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s definitely the time to buy given the double markdown. It’s a price worthy breaking up with your HydroFlask/Bkr bottle for.


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