September’s Best Sellers

September's Best Sellers

September’s best sellers were a hybrid of old trusted fan favorites, home decor, and new picks. I get it…when it works, it WORKS. By now, if you haven’t jumped on the affordable silk pillowcases from Amazon, I have to ask…what are you doing? I’ve owned the pricey ones you see at Sephora and Bloomingdales and can attest they’re great. However, they don’t go the extra mile on longevity. Especially when you’re washing them frequently to avoid breakouts. As for the new picks? Get ready to change your makeup routine in the best way possible.

September’s Best Sellers

One thing I’d love to keep going as we emerge out of permanent WFH is the no-makeup makeup routine. After letting my skin breathe DEEP over the past 2 years of little or no makeup, I’ve got to say, it feels damn good. It looks even better, I might add. Glossier was onto something about skincare first years ago, but as the world pivoted, new formulas have snowballed into some of the best products on the market. You’ll find my favorites you went crazy for on my Instagram stories below, along with the rest of last month’s most purchased items!


That’s a wrap for September! Which one did you purchase last month, and what do you have to say about them? Let me know in the comments below. For more best-selling products that are total game changers, head to the best sellers section.


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