3 Playlists To Make Your Workweek More Productive

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Mixed feelings and emotions are running wild as return to the office looms on the near horizon. Routines that have worked the past couple of years are about to shift. Getting ready and commuting again? It’s going to take some practice and prior planning. I’ll be honest, I’m actually ready to jump back into the fast-paced energy of the weekday routine in the city again. That may not be your case, and that’s totally okay and normal. What to do? I’ve always leaned on music to inspire me, motivate me, and keep me focused. After all, with the right playlist, you can truly conquer just about anything. Even the bustling and often jarring task of braving subway corridors and crowded city streets. This music below is designed to deliver exactly that: playlists to make your workweek more productive.

Playlists To Make Your Workweek More Productive

Just like you plan out your day, so have I in planning out the soundtrack to each stage of your day. Music has a suprising effect on how you perform throughout the day. Are you optimizing your brain and soundtrack accordingly? Keep scrolling down if it needs some work or newfound inspiration. These are all designed to work together: add them to your Spotify library directly and bust them out when you need them most.

WFH: Get Sh*t DONE

Welcome to the new and improved classic playlist that became a fan favorite during lockdown last year! I’ve added even more brain-stimulating sounds to it. It’s now over 11 hours long, making it work as hard as you on a long day at the computer. No distraction on your part in finding something else to keep the vibe going when it runs out.


This playlist has been given the 2021 makeover: consider it your highlight reel of all the best songs you’ve likely not heard this year. If your current go-to commute playlist is feeling a bit, well, stale…add this playlist to your library to spice things up again and give you new inspiration! You’ll have some of these tunes stuck in your head all day, guaranteed.


TURNdown Service

How often do you really engage in a wind-down routine? Watching Netflix until you decide to set your alarm and actually head off to sleep? I know we are all guilty as charged on that account at some point. Give yourself the gift of slowing things down as you do your nightly skincare routine, or read a book before bed. This playlist is designed to slow your mind down gradually. You’re going to be asleep in under 10 minutes with this lineup on.

What playlist are you in desperate need of right now? Let me know in the comments below! If you are dying for new musical inspiration for another topic, join the rest of my readers on Instagram! I take polls consistently on which requests are most popular for upcoming playlists.

Midtown New York Skyline

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