5 Skincare Products That Will Make You Age Like A Vampire

At NYFW this past weekend, I made a joke to a new friend after she picked her jaw up off the floor after asking my age. “Yeah, I’m a vampire,” I said. While I meant it mainly because I avoid the sun like the plague unless doused in SPF 50-100, there was some truth to it. You CAN slow the dial on visible aging, and no: it doesn’t require Botox or fillers. It’s why I didn’t start Botox until I was 32. I didn’t need it for fine lines prior to that. The secret is the consistency of a few skincare products. Yup, that’s it. These are the 5 skincare products that will make you age like a vampire. Almost literally, really.

Skincare Products That Will Make You Age Like A Vampire


Sure, this one is blatantly obvious. What’s not obvious is how and what you need to use, and most importantly, how often. My mom did not f*ck around and ingrained into my brain since I was a kid. I’m happy to report it was worth it. Is your SPF under 30? You’re not getting the full benefits if it is. Those benefits include: avoiding skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun damage. Are you actually wearing it every day, or are some days a lazy quick fix with an SPF 15-50 foundation or CC cream? The key to never being lazy again? Buy a sunscreen that doesn’t fight makeup, and has the consistency of a serum or light moisturizer, and doesn’t leave a white cast. I’ve linked all my favorites that fit the bill below. Are you wearing it on your body every day? Doubtful. Again, find a lotion or spray that’s actually light and doesn’t leave your clothing oily.


This was a new one to me, I’ll admit. I got turned on to this by my esthetician, and DAMN: she was 100% right. Brittany said people notice when she stops using it. When she is using it, people can’t put their finger on what it is that makes her look so vibrant. The key is Glucosamine. This ingredient boosts hyaluronic acid synthesis and has antioxidant benefits. As a result, your skin will appear super plump, free of fine lines, and even help even out skin tone by lightening areas of increased skin pigmentation. I’ve been slacking on my Botox (mainly because I’m doing an experiment), and I look just the same, with slightly more facial movement. Get a deeper dive into it on my post here.


While not anti-aging direct, this ingredient is key for removing impurities (acne causes) and is a cell-communicating ingredient like retinol. What’s a cell-communicating ingredient? It’s an ingredient that tells the skin, “HEY, get your sh*t together.” It signals the skin cells to react to other skincare. Other ingredients that act in this way are retinol and peptides. More on those later. In fact, one of the best niacinamide forward products I love uses it alongside antioxidants: Hancure, as seen below. In turn, using Niacinamide will help your skin look brighter overall, and reduce inflammation. We all know vampires don’t have red puffy faces.


Drinking collagen powder-infused liquids is not going to give you real results. While it does have some effects and other pros, it’s not the most effective solution out there. Peptides are the most effective way to build collagen. Think of them like little Australian Shepherds, herding your skin cells to start doing something: aka building collagen, and encouraging your skin to look and act younger. I like to use them in moisturizers or night creams. I’ve linked all my heavy hitters below.

Chemical Peels

If you aren’t shedding dead skin, your skin will appear to have more fine lines and texture. Ideally, everyone should be doing a peel at least 2 times per week. Oily skin can get away with 3-4 times depending on the potency of the peels used that week. I personally switch between glycolic acid and AHA peels weekly. A couple of times a month, I will switch the AHA peel for a more intense clinical-grade peel that included AHA or Lactic Acid. All of my top performers are listed below.


It’s popular for reason. Retinols help speed up skin cell turnover and reveal smoother and brighter skin. It’s also a collagen-building ingredient, which helps the skin reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is an ingredient you should absolutely discuss with your skincare professional before using it. Build up to using 3 times a week or more depending on your skin type. I personally like a 0.5% formula that helps with brightness. It’s also a MUST to use this in conjunction with sunscreen. The ones below offer a wide range of potency and effectiveness and are the ones I trust most for visible results without irritation.

Of course, having regular hydrafacials and treatments are also key to major results, and ice rolling your face after serums. For my New Yorkers, I highly recommend you check in with my celebrity esthetician Brittany. Mention me, and you’ll get a discount on your first visit! Which of these ingredients are new to you? Check with your dermatologist or esthetician before giving them a test run, then start your vampire aging process, baby.

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