Speed work for quitters.

This isn’t the first time, and decidedly not the last time that will I rant about how much I despise the treadmill… Hell, I even hate on road races every once in a while. Someone put me on a trail already.

You’ve been warned.

In my world, running is an opportunity for me to get out and take advantage of the amazing outdoors that surround me here in the city, as well as allow my mind to decompress from the day by the beautiful distractions around me. Why anyone would want to run uncomfortably confined in a box that doesn’t allow for proper arm swing is beyond me. Don’t even get me started on the stagnant air and people hovering in your personal bubble waiting for you to leave. Unsubscribe please.

However, treadmills can serve a motivational purpose in one case. For those of you that are speed work quitters (I’ll own it, it happens every once in a while), the treadmill can serve a purpose in forcing you to complete your speed work at a consistent pace.

Obviously, otherwise you fall off.

Like a moron. Shame.

Take it from these all stars.



If nothing else, keeping my pants on is motivation enough.

My gift to you:

Here’s a great way to start if you are treadmill newbie, or just not sure where to start on speed intervals. As a reference point, going at this pace will log you right around 3 miles, for those of you counting miles instead of calories. For those of you counting calories and focusing on fat burning, intervals are a great way to do so!



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