Fall Playlists Made For 2020

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The weather has yet to turn in New York, but my mind is already making the transition to the crisp, cool, and motivating energy that fall brings. It’s always been my favorite season of the year: the exciting beginning to the holiday season, layered outfits, sunset colored foliage, and the music that makes it feel even more magical. Enter your new fall playlists! Changing my music every season is so therapeutic. A simple change of a playlist can spark inspiration, productivity, and even pull you out of a rut. 2020 has been nothing short of tumultuous, and music can be your foundation for mental resilience, if you let it.

Fall Playlists

There’s nothing better than a lazy cool fall Sunday morning lounging in bed: catching up on magazines, reading a book, or making a breakfast picnic on your covers with the delivery you just ordered. Press play, snuggle up, and soak every last drop out of your lazy Sunday morning!


It may not officially be fall, but you can gear your mindset up with this playlist. Think heartwarming melodies, upbeat yet silky smooth: just like your favorite seasonal coffee order. It’s perfect for a weekend drive upstate, cleaning your apartment, or cooking up a meal for yourself or loved ones.

The UNOFFICIAL Commute: 2020 Deep Cuts

Commutes seem like a distant thing of the past, but the need to separate your workday from your evening hasn’t changed. Unsure where your work ends and your real evening begins? Let music guide your brain back on track. Turn on this playlist before signing off at the end of the day to boost your mental energy back to take on your free time, gear up to shift your mindset to a side hustle, school, or another weeknight activity of your choice.

It doesn’t stop at fall playlists tho: find more playlists for every mood on my Spotify account. Whether you need motivation for workouts, getting ready for the day, or winding down at the end of the day, or something else, you can always find something new there!


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