Tie Dye Outfits That Stand The Test Of Time

Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress

Honestly, if you would have asked me 10 years ago if tie dye would make a surging come back in the mainstream any time soon, I would have laughed at you. STRAIGHT UP. While all trends are cyclical by nature, some are just slower than others to turnover. Tie dye is one of those types of trends. It was a pleasant surprise to see the warning signs pop up on the runway a few years ago, given its new more polished reimagination on untraditional fabric. This isn’t your dad’s Dead Head tee aesthetic anymore, welcome to your upgrade: tie dye that will stand the test of time!

Tie Dye Clothing Worthy Investments

When choosing a tie dye piece to last longer than this season’s loungewear must haves, it’s important to keep a few qualities in mind. While I love a bold color, tie-dye is a bit trickier to keep on trend long term. Instead, find a color palette with a neutral color and a bolder color intertwined like this dress I’m wearing by Ulla Johnson. It’s even easier to integrate if it’s a single color ombré style dye job! I love the following more neutral patterns below!


Tie Dye Activewear Worthy Investments

This is where you can have a little fun! Bold activewear is always a good investment. Surprisingly enough, my vintage tie dye Lululemon leggings and Nike leggings still get tons of compliments almost 5-7 years later. First, pick a color scheme that’s fitting to you (blues, rainbow, pinks, etc). Then, work them in with solid colored crop tops or tees to gauge your own personal level of comfort with it. Single color dye jobs will also be a safe bet moving forward since they’re easily paired with just about every color palette.


Tie Dye Sneaker Worthy Investments

It’s no secret certain artistic sneakers hold their value or surpass their retail price point. Look no further than these colorful options below. Did you know these Jordan 1’s are consistently selling at 65% above its retail price? Even if you’re not a collector, there are a few other classic options that are subdued enough to look on trend years from now.


Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress Ulla Johnson Tie Dye Dress

Outfit Details

Earrings c/o Ragen Jewels


Photos by Mari Uchida Photography


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