January’s Best Sellers

January's Best Sellers

Not sure why January felt like a fucking eternity, but hey, WE MADE IT. At least there were a few key things that made the situation more bearable, and y’all thought so too! Among the ranks of this month’s best sellers were some old favorites and new life optimizing ones. From portable healthy eating to unique home decor, January’s best sellers are ready to help positively hack your way into the new decade! Let’s break them down real quick.

January’s Best Sellers
Neon Signs

This trend is literally flying off the digital shelves: while the pink and blue ones are sold out until March, there’s a few left in the white one. Adding some dimension to your current decor with creative lighting is an easy way to spice up your home! I’m fully convinced mine makes me more productive at home given the fun and inviting glow.


Collagen Powder

Ingesting anti-aging supplements is much more effective than just applying topically. I’ve kept at it for the past 3 years and have noticed significant changes to how healthy my skin looks and body feels. It’s a smart addition for anyone with an active lifestyle, especially if you’re in your 30’s! I used to have lingering joint pain in my wrists from working out a few years back and started to subside about a year and a half ago. It’s now easier than ever to incorporate it into your active routine given the single serving size options out there! I even saved the smaller canister to refill to use at work with my favorite powder. Learn more on the why in last week’s post!


Silk Pillowcase

When you engage in high-risk coloring as I do, taking preventive measures is paramount. Paired with a healthy hair routine, it will reduce breakage and stretch your blowouts a few days longer! I’ve tried a few over the years, and really prefer the Slip ones based on how luxurious they feel and look. Waking up without bedhead is also awesome. The eye mask is also an honorable mention this month, and I’ve linked all the worthy colors here too.


Hudson Park 500TC Pima Sateen Iron Free Sheets

Ready to up your home decor without breaking the bank in the long run? After buying and tossing so many bad sheets over the course of my early 20’s, it’s obvious in my wallet that these sheets have made money back for me. They’re STILL on sale too.


Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask

I’ve trusted Erno Laszlo for skincare and makeup for years, dating back to high school. The luxurious formulas aren’t just fun to use, they actually work. I was gifted their clay mask early last year and ended up buying more because I noticed a difference in my skin. Every now and then, I’m plagued with hormonal acne attacks and have found they go away a bit quicker when using it daily for a week.


BlendJet Wireless Rechargeable Portable 12-oz Blender w/ USB

Chargeable, no-nonsense cleanup, portable, and in a single serving size: everything you wish you could fix about your current home blender. I fell off making morning smoothies purely based on the little time I have during the day. This has been a total game-changer. I charge it at my desk, and take it to the kitchen to whip up a protein shake in the morning, and use it again in the evening after a workout with another one (including collagen powder).


That’s a wrap on January’s best sellers! For other posts on top-selling products, hit up the best sellers category for posts here, and all of the best sellers off my Instagram here.


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