Maybe I’m born with it, but it’s probably just this…

I can tell you right now its definitely not f-ing Instagram.

1. Satin Pillowcases

This is number one for a reason. People are  ALWAYS stopping me to ask me how I have such long, healthy, and shiny hair. Well, here’s the secret, and it ain’t Brazilian blowouts or keratin, so your wallets will be happy. I have been sleeping on these since I was a kid. It’s seriously the best kept secret to amazing hair! It also happens to work wonders for your skin. When I was growing up, my grandmother would always bring her pillow with her on vacations, swearing that it kept her salon coiffed hair perfect everyday. Seeing truly is believing. I started following suit shortly thereafter, and sure enough, gone was my homeless tomboy rat’s nest I had for the better half of the late 1980’s.


You can nab some cheap ones at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond for under $10. Total score.

So….Check it out, let’s break this down.

Cotton is absorbent. Think about it: We use them as beauty tools to soak up our toner. It does the same thing to your skin in pillow form. Chances are, if you suffer from dry hair that is hard to manage, its probably because you are sleeping on cotton  pillowcases! We all know that dry hair is cause of many things that make up a bad hair day (creasing, tangles, flyaways), so by eliminating cotton and using satin, our hair and skin are able to retain the oils and nutrients we put on them; it reduces the need for our body to produce more oil, and result in the dreaded oily scalp! Needless to say, it works wonders on blowouts. Mine last over 48 hours, even with my oily hair and skin!

2. Lip Scrubs/Masks

I am a self-admitted lipstick hoarder, and sadly I rarely use the amazing colors I buy. They can usually be found lined up in my medicine cabinet unused, so sad. Why, you ask? Oddly enough, as a super oily skin type, I have horribly dry lips. Nothing kills a look more than a cracked pout covered in flaky lipstick, and since I am anti-gloss, I am ALWAYS at odds at what to do when I want to try the bold lip look instead of my signature balm look. I was about to give up after I realized that not even Blistex or Rosebud Salve could save me. However, after having these two amazing new Bite products introduced by my glam squad, I’ve fallen back in love with the bold neon and deep jewel toned matte lipsticks I hoard:

Bite Beauty: Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub


Bite Beauty: Agave Lip Mask

3. Mascara

You’re probably thinking, “dude, that’s a staple, not a secret!” Yes, but also… Yes. One of the many beauty one-liners my mother always berated me with was: “Never leave the house without mascara.” I can’t think of any beauty product that is more important. Well besides sunscreen/CC or BB cream sunscreen. Obv.

So what’s the secret??

The secret is in the application, and the size of the brush for each step. If you are the type that speed swipes a billion coats on in less than 3 minutes, you are wrong. If you are the type that thinks mascara doesn’t belong on the bottom lashes, you are also wrong (don’t worry, I was one of these moonbats too until Sephora showed me the way). Read. Learn. Execute.

Step 1: “Tight-lining”. This is the concept of using liner between your lashes to give that seamless look of black without your lash roots showing under the color of your mascara. If you want to look more alive and awake, THIS is the secret. It’s amazing what a little lining will do. ONLY on the top lash line though. If you are lazy, use this amazing mascara, it takes that step out altogether, and is a true all in one miracle product for lashes. The tiny size of the brush allows you to get right to the root of your lashes. IT Cosmetics is fabulous. Sadly not sold at Sephora. WAH.

Step 2: Apply your favorite mascara in even thin coats, starting at the lash line, shimmying the wand, and brushing it forward. I usually wait about 2 seconds before going in again for another swipe, do this about 3 times, and then switch to the other side and let that one dry. This keeps it from getting clumpy and janky looking. Come back with another coat, and you’re set! Or add more if you’re a lash freak like me.

Easy day.

My personal mascara faves? See below. All price points repped.

1. Diorshow Iconic OverCurl. Hands down favorite. One stop shop to fabulous. $28.50

2. Diorshow Extase. Meant for layering, perfect over IT Cosmetics’ Tightline! $28.50

3. IT Cosmetics Tightline. Best primer and all in one. $29 for two on QVC!

4. Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher. A million coats, zero clump. Fine rubber brushes are the way to go. $9. Win.


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