NYFW FW20: Upcoming Trends

NYFW Upcoming Trends

While NYFW has come and gone, it’s vision lives on. The inspiration works like a snowball: certain colors/styles start to pop up everywhere, and the extrapolations run like wildfire. It’s fascinating really, and probably why I’m drawn to fashion so much given my economist background. How’s it all shake out in the greater sense of your own personal fashion choices? It’s something I’ve been trying to crack over the past few years, and am finally ready to amplify for you in 2020. Welcome to the first season of 2020, NYFW’s upcoming trends.

My NYFW Playbook

Before we get to the goods, I want to share with you just how I got here. Here’s the truth: the only thing I love more than NYFW itself is the little stage of reflection that follows it. Sometimes it’s only a few days, and others like this season lasted a whole week. I relish getting to sink into my own creative thoughts for a minute, especially since the events themselves can be a whirlwind. Thank God for cameras and cell phones to capture the moment in permanence!

I like to go home and curl up with a glass of scotch after each show, and replay the ending review of each of the pieces from the collection a few times over. Once to really drive home the meaning behind the collection, second to notice macro details and a third or more to catch the similarities across the season as a whole. Some are easier to spot than others; it often takes another session of reviewing the past few months of my favorite fashion magazines, and collections from a year ago. It’s my own little detective’s corkboard, a collage of ideas and visions coming together to tell a story of where fashion history is headed! In reality, it’s like a full-on Homeland style jumble of magazine rip-outs, Daily Front Row pages, and show programs. I sh*t you not. It’s a mess at first.

Remixed Vintage Styles

It comes as no secret that designers have noticed the pull toward vintage designs given the popularity of thrifting in the new decade. You can expect to see remixed reimaginations of classic styles, and more specifically, 50’s/60’s/70’s styles reemerging over the next few years. Son Jung Wan and Carolina Herrera were perfect examples this season! 80’s/90’s are still wildly in play (Christian Siriano, hello), and I expect this decade to be a full reimagination of many of the major decades of the prior millennium. Some of my easy to try favorites you can start to rock ahead of the fashion curve:



It’s such a powerful time to be alive as an alternatively inspired person! The power of designers that have pushed the envelope of normality has awakened a new acceptance of the beauty and passion within smaller subcultures like punk, gothic, gender fluid, and street. It’s not even just the collections themselves, but the models themselves. I felt this season really showcased the community’s face and passions together as one. One of the highlights from these subcultures that will be hitting mainstream quickly is plaid. It’s not just a scarf accent or easy to wear houndstooth, either. Get ready to play with vibrant remixes of 90’s punk style prints! Baggy, voluminous designs are a close second, in my opinion.


Sneaker Culture

I’m not referring to the original street sneaker culture either. While StockX has made accessibility to on-demand coveted designs outside its subculture, it’s more to do with the normalcy of athleisure in all dress codes. Sneakers were all over the runway, paired with dresses, pants, and pretty much everything. Shoes weren’t the only indicator: vests are getting a trendy makeover, and hoodie style designs are here to stay. My favorite takes on this trend include:



The last couple of years were a key indicator of where color is going in the new decade. While yellow, blue, and pink were wildly popular last year, you’ll see a huge influx of green/orange coming through this year. You’ll see this paired with classic designs in Son Jung Wan’s FW20 collection in my IGTV video! The following pieces are an easy way to start to incorporate the color into your own wardrobe:


Oversized Suiting/Clothing

Oversized suiting has been a thing for a while, and now it’s trickling down to other clothing as well. Get ready to see oversized jumpsuits and tops paired with wide-leg pants hitting your favorite retailers. One of the collections that totally nails it is an old favorite of mine, & Other Stories! They have a hybrid streetwear/casual collection that’s pure fire.


What do you see for yourself in the NYFW upcoming trends? Tell me below!

NYFW Upcoming Trends

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